Justine Bateman, 47, Goes Back to School as a Freshman at UCLA!

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Justine Bateman, 47, Goes Back to School as a Freshman at UCLA!

Ever wonder what became of Family Ties' endearing airhead Mallory Keaton? Well, here's the answer: The girl who was a shopping savant is now studying computer programming! Yes, Justine Bateman, 47, who played ditzy Mallory on the beloved '80s sitcom, is a college freshman at UCLA taking classes like Engineering Ethics and Computer Science.

The actress even has a Tumblr blog, called College Life, that details her experience as a middle-aged student. The posts range from random asides ("Pet Peeves: People talking in class. Dull pencils") to profiles of other late-in-life back-to-school women to detailed recaps of her schoolwork ("Did a 6-hour marathon coding session last night on campus. Finally called it at 1am and the project’s still not done, but I had gotten to school that morning at 8am and was starting to not think straight," starts one lengthy entry).

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Bateman, older sister to working actor Jason Bateman (of Arrested Development), told website L.A. Currents in March why she was motivated to get a degree. "I really, really love to work. I love tech, I was half in it. And when I did a search on Monster.com, no matter the keywords I put in, half the jobs were for computer programmers and developers and I thought, 'F--k it, I’ll just go be a computer programmer,' " she explained.

Other than guest roles on TV shows like Modern Family and Desperate Housewives, Bateman has largely stayed out of the spotlight. "I can’t audition anymore. I just completely ran out of gas,” she told L.A. Currents.

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While Bateman has received good grades so far (she posted about getting two A-pluses and one A-minus last quarter), academic life hasn't been a breeze. Her application to switch majors to Computer Science was recently rejected and the actress -- who has two kids (Duke, 10, and Olivia, 9) with husband Mark Fluent — opened up on her blog about how difficult it's been to juggle school and motherhood.

"I was thinking the other day, in what had to have been a PMS-influenced moment, 'What am I doing? I could just pick the kids up from school every day and go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and get bath mats, etc for the house. What am I doing going to school and doing all this hard work and pursuing one of the most difficult degrees available?' " wrote Bateman. "Then I thought, 'Pull yourself together. You’re not going to feel like this in about 48 hours. Your the one who would stick a fork in your eye if you weren’t working. Get your s--t together.' "

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