Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon Sing 'Africa' by Toto at Sleep-Away Camp [Video]

Yahoo! TV

"Best friends forever!" Justin Timberlake tells Jimmy Fallon at one point during an awesomely dorky sketch on "Late Night."

Timberlake is nearing the end of his weeklong residency on the show to promote his new album, "The 20/20 Experience."

The sketch featured the two friends wearing retainers and sporting frizzy hair as teens at a sleep-away camp in 1983. Though in bed with the lights out, they aren't able to fall asleep.

"Maybe we should sneak into the girls' camp and steal their underpants," Fallon suggests.

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"Ew! No way!" Timberlake replies.

Instead, they decide to sing a song they heard on the radio -- "Africa" by Toto.

They are interrupted a couple times by a stern camp counselor, who warns them not to miss the manwiches at the snack shack the next day.

"Are you even tired?" Fallon asks.

Timberlake sighs. "No, I ate, like, 43 hundred thousand Twizzlers."