Jon Stewart: Obama a Monster(.com) for Filling an Open Job? (Video)

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Jon Stewart: Obama a Monster(.com) for Filling an Open Job? (Video)

Barack Obama's appointment of Richard Cordray as head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau during a U.S. Senate recess has sparked controversy in some political circles.

"What kind of Monster … .com is he?" Jon Stewart joked on Thursday's "Daily Show" about Obama's appointment of Cordray to head an agency that was actually founded two years ago.

Besides, Stewart pointed out, there's a problem for the people who have a problem with the recess appointment: the Senate wasn't actually on recess.

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Noting that, as someone who watches C-SPAN for a living, even he missed it, but the Senate actually was in session … for roughly 30 seconds, shown in a video while Stewart tried to open a child-proof pill bottle simultaneously.

"Besides, George W. Bush did plenty of recess appointments," Stewart added. "It's how John Bolton became U.N. Ambassador, it's how Chuck Norris became Walker, Texas 6th Circuit Court Judge."

Watch Stewart mock the outrage -- and try fruitlessly to open that pill bottle:

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