Jon Hamm Has Surprisingly Difficult Time Getting People to Agree to a Threesome -- Watch!

Jackie Willis
Entertainment Tonight

You'll be surprised how many pedestrians in New York City turned down Jon Hamm's proposition.

In the latest installment of truTV's Billy on the Street, the Mad Men star and comedian Billy Eichner hit the pavement to see how many people they can get to agree to a ménage à trois with them for a dollar.

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"In an attempt to stay current and stay ahead of some inevitable, pseudo highbrow HBO series about living as a threesome, I'm about to hit the street with Emmy Award winner Jonathan Hamm to play a new game I like to call 'Would You Have a Threesome With Me and Jon Hamm?'" Eichner explains.

The challenge proves more difficult than expected as several women are married -- though one lady does say she'd agree to the threesome if it was 2009, when Mad Men was wildly popular. "I know he doesn't have great buzz at the moment, but he's still a handsome fella," Eichner defends the 45-year-old star.

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The duo are able to get two men to come on board. "Sure, why not?" one passerby exclaims. "Sounds like a great time."

"I would totally do that!" another guy responds.

One woman completely shuts down Hamm and Eichner's offer, claiming to have no idea who they are. Another pedestrian denies the men because, while Hamm does have an Emmy and SAG Award, he does NOT have an Oscar. "That's right, good point!" Eichner exclaims.

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