Will Jon Hamm ever win an acting Emmy?

Victoria Leigh Miller

It's a mad mad mad mad world -- at least for "Mad Men" star Jon Hamm. Hamm is once again nominated for a Prime Time Emmy for his role as Don Draper on the popular AMC drama, but will he succumb to fellow AMC star Bryan Cranston, who won three back-to-back Emmys and is nominated again this year?

Hamm has been nominated for his role as ad exec Don Draper every year since 2008, but the "Breaking Bad" star always beats him. (Exception: Last year, when Cranston wasn't eligible to be nominated, and "Friday Night Lights" star Kyle Chandler won instead).

But with Hamm and Cranston going head to head again this year, could this finally be the year for Hamm's work in the role of Don Draper to shine?

After a ridiculously long hiatus, "Mad Men" came back with a vengeance last March, delivering storylines ranging from Draper's new life as a sort-of-happily-married man to the suicide of one of the firm's partners. Don's posh new pad and singing trophy wife had people talking, too.

Cranston's healthy competition against Hamm is legendary (he even told Conan O'Brien he isn't afraid of Hamm), but after his third time in the winner's circle, he compared all of his wins to dessert and said, "I feel gluttonous."

We feel gluttonous too, so how about some Hamm?