John Oliver Takes on Police Apologists

On Last Week Tonight, John Oliver tackled the subject of police accountability in the news, calling out the apologists who claim that issues of misconduct have been blown out of proportion because of a few bad apples on the force.

While recognizing that the police have a difficult, dangerous, and challenging job, Oliver brought up how those few bad apples are spoiling the barrel when it comes to law enforcement’s overall image and discussed system policies that seem to benefit and protect those bad apples. Oliver noted cases in which officers who have had disciplinary complaints filed against them were able to get their records stricken after 18 months or were able to erase them by resigning and moving to other police departments.

While looking for improvements on the law enforcement system, Oliver mentioned one device that seems to work as a deterrent for police misconduct. Body cameras have been an effective device, and Oliver stated that there are even law enforcement officials who agree and are willing to wear them.

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