John Mayer Sets the Record Straight About That Rumored Jewelry Line

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John Mayer Sets the Record Straight About That Rumored Jewelry Line

John Mayer is not launching a jewelry line after all — get all the details here!

Not so fast! While we were pumped to see a five-piece collection of boho-chic jewelry added to John Mayer's online store, the "Who You Love" singer said that he did not, in fact, collaborate on a jewelry line.

"I didn’t design a jewelry line, and I didn’t collaborate on one," Mayer, 38, tweeted on Wednesday, September 21. "New items are added to web store from time to time, first I’ve seen of em."

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Indeed, the singer-songwriter has a slew of products in his online shop, including shirts, mugs, blankets and dog leashes. But the latest — two beaded necklaces, one chain necklace and two bracelets — were not Mayer's doing, according to the "Your Body Is a Wonderland" singer.

So who created the line? It's by George Frost, the unisex sister label to Lulu Frost, and the pieces were designed with Mayer simply in mind. The handmade necklaces feature Mayer-inspired phrases — "Born and Raised," Mayer's 2012 album, and "Love Is a Verb," a single from the album — written in Morse code beading, while the bracelets boast pendants with the crooner's initials, "JCM" (John Clayton Mayer). The pieces range in price from $50 to $195.

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George Frost Founder and Creator Lisa Salzer said in a release, "[Creative Director Marlon Taylor-Wiles] and I grew up listening to John and have always been inspired by the bohemian spirit that infuses his music. There's a great synergy between the two brands that allowed us to stay true to George Frost's subversive style and incorporate John's lyrics among necklaces and bracelets."

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