Joel McHale's Potential Legal Problems with Angela Lansbury and Ken Jeong

Superfan TV

On Monday's Conan, Joel McHale revealed that he might have started a legal battle with Angela Lansbury and Ken Jeong. McHale explained that in his new book, Thanks for the Money: How to Use My Life to Become the Best Joel McHale You Can Be, he wrote a chapter about gaining fame through starting a celebrity feud. He picked Murder, She Wrote star and American treasure, Angela Lansbury.

However, the lawyers for his publisher warned that he could get sued for the things he said about the 91 year old actress.

McHale also had to answer to claims he made about his Community co-star, Ken Jeong. He explained, "I joked in the book that he supplied me with my daily 12 Ambiens it took to act." His publisher's lawyer required Ken Jeong's permission. Instead of asking for Jeong's permission, he created a fake email address and sent himself a fake note from Jeong, granting permission. He admitted, "This will be the first time that they hear about it."

Conan O'Brien ended the conversation by looking at the camera and saying, "Wave at the legal people."