Jimmy Kimmel Nearly Shut Out by Scott Eastwood in ‘Who’d You Rather’ on ‘Ellen’

Stephen Proctor


Jimmy Kimmel and Scott Eastwood appeared on Ellen on Thursday. Host Ellen DeGeneres paraded them around the Warner Bros. lot for a live game of “Who’d You Rather?” DeGeneres kicked off the game with a group of tourists. When she asked if they’d rather Kimmel, they all sat still. When asked if they’d rather Eastwood, everyone raised at least one hand.

They moved on to an office building, where things went pretty much the same. DeGeneres asked a woman in a cubicle who she’d rather but quickly interrupted her to call Kimmel’s attention to the fact that Eastwood was smoldering. Eastwood tried to teach Kimmel how to smolder, but it didn’t go well. Like the others, the woman chose Eastwood.

Kimmel asked another woman who picked Eastwood for clarification, saying, “Do you mean you’d rather vomit than have sex with me?”

Though it was a blowout in Eastwood’s favor, all was not lost for Kimmel. The very last woman chose Kimmel. Alluding to the fact that she watches Jimmy Kimmel Live, the woman explained, “He’s in bed with me every night.”

Ellen reminds Michelle Obama what it’s like to shop with a small child:

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