‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’: Mike Tyson Talks Tiger Farts, Cocaine, and Orgy Erections (Video)

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Boxing legend “Iron” Mike Tyson joined Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday to plug his New York Times best-selling book “Undisputed Truth.” The two talked through some of the best stories in the autobiography, filled with tiger tales and brushes with the law.

For instance: Tyson desperately misses the tigers he once famously owned. (No kids, that wasn’t just a “Hangover” joke.) The former heavyweight champion of the world used to sleep with the striped big game cats. But that habit didn’t last into his marriage, not so much because the practice is extraordinarily dangerous, rather because “when they fart, they smell they hell,” Tyson told Kimmel.

So where is a man supposed to keep his wild animals? The now-writer/performer/boxing promoter shared the story of how he once secretly stored his tiger in Don King’s New York City townhouse. Predictably, the tiger went “tiger” (to steal a Chris Rock line) and rendered the place unlivable.

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But that wasn’t even the wildest web woven on Tuesday’s ABC appearance. In a second segment, Kimmel prompted hilarity by quoting another chapter in the book.

Once, Tyson’s probation officer came to his house while the boxer was hosting a cocaine-fueled orgy. Not wanting to go back to prison, the champ waited it out with a girl he just met. But the moment passed.

“You never saw a [deflated] erection so quick,” Tyson said, calling the situation “a very difficult quagmire.”

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