Jewel, Melissa Gorga Write Notes to Their Children on Mother's Day

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Mom knows best!

In honor of Mother's Day, Us Weekly asked Jewel, Melissa Gorga and other celebrity moms to write sentiments they'll share at their kids' future milestones.

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When you choose a career...

Kase, your dad and I want you to find a career you're passionate about, like we are. Whether you choose music, or rodeo like your dad (I kind of hope it's not bull-riding -- so dangerous!), that passion is the sail that will carry you through any storm. With a strong sense of yourself, you'll never feel lost. Let that be your compass. -- Jewel

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When you start dating...

Antonia, even though your dad was joking when he said he's putting bars on your windows, he's right: You have so much time to date! My advice is to watch how boys treat their mothers -- that's how they'll treat you. And stay away from show-offs! Find the shy one in the corner; he's probably the better man. As for you boys, well, make sure you marry a good girl. Bring home someone like Mommy! -- Melissa Gorga to daughter Antonia, 6, and sons Joey, 2, and Gino, 4. 

When you live on your own...

Girls, go out and experience life -- but be careful! I think back to how naive and reckless I was when I was first on my own. So here's what I'm preaching: Don't accept a drink from a stranger. Don't walk to your car alone in a parking garage. I worry! -- Martina McBride to her daughters Delaney, 17, Emma, 14, and Ava 6.

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When you meet the new baby... 

Any time I've said, "Boys, come here!" in the last few months, you've said, "Is it time for the baby?" Now that it's happened, I hope you pass on your empathy and gentle spirits and help the baby carve out a special place in our family. -- Melissa Joan Hart, who is expecting this fall with husband Mark Wilkerson, to sons Mason, 6, and Braydon, 4.

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