'Jersey Shore Shark Attack!'

Jarett Wieselman
The Insider
'Jersey Shore Shark Attack!'

Syfy will bring one of our collective fantasies to life this summer when they air the TV movie, Jersey Shore Shark Attack. A television event that truly needs no further explanation since the title alone sold you. Right?

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If, for some reason, you've found yourself wanting to vet the movie further, the first trailer for the B-movie has just been released -- and it's pretty much the greatest piece of garbage, ever. It's got explosions that look faker than JWoww's boobs, dialogue that makes "DTF" sound positively professorial and a cast (Paul Sorvino, Joey Fatone and Vinny Guadigno) that makes Celebrity Rehab seem star-studded.

Plus, the trailer boasts what might possibly be the year's best piece of dialogue: "Joey Fatone has just been eaten by a shark!" WATCH:

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