'Jersey Shore' Cast's Best and Worst Moments

Antoinette Bueno
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The Jersey Shore cast is getting ready to say goodbye for the last time when the final episode airs this Thursday, and now they're revealing their personal favorite -- and least favorite -- moments of the endlessly quoted hit MTV show.

Both Deena and Snooki's favorite moments include one other, specifically their love for drinking in the day.

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"My favorite moment is probably drinking during the day with Deena because Deena's the only one that would drink during the day and that's the funnest time to drink — during the day, on a nice summer day on the beach. Amazing," Snooki tells MTV.

Not surprisingly, JWoww's favorite moment involves her fiancé Roger.

"My first date with Roger, just 'cause it led to an engagement," she says.

While Vinny and Sammi consider their season filming in Italy as their favorite time, The Situation and Ronnie both recall the first day in the house as their best memory.

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"The first day that we moved in because it would be the first day that this rollercoaster started," The Situation reflects. "And it was the first day to something that was unbelievable, that nobody could have predicted."

As for their least favorite moments, Deena recalls her notorious "no panties" incident in Italy.

"I had some things in Italy ... Probably when I forgot to wear my underwear to the club in Italy. That's probably my least," she admits.

Sammi and Ronnie of course simply state "Miami," when Ronnie cheated on Sammi.

Snooki surprisingly reveals that her least favorite moment is her never-ending fight with The Situation.

"My least-favorite moment would probably be fighting with any roommate, especially Mike. I just don't like drama and I hate fighting and I hate being in a bad mood. So I would hate all those moments," she says.

...So I guess that trumps getting punched in the face or getting arrested at the beach?

Check out the video to hear the cast elaborate more on their best and worst memories from their beloved Shore. The Jersey Shore series finale airs Thursday, December 20, at 10 p.m.

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