Jerome Flynn Talks Game Of Thrones Season 3: Bronn's 'Getting A Bit Frustrated'

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Jerome Flynn as Bronn in 'Game of Thrones' Episode 9, Season 1, HBO, 2011 -- HBO

Jerome Flynn is currently spending his Saturday nights on BBC America, playing second in command to Matthew Macfayden's Detective Inspector Edmund Reid in "Ripper Street," but next month, he'll be back at the side of Peter Dinklage's Tyrion Lannister in "Game of Thrones."

"The writers -- Dan [Weiss] and David [Benioff], they also produced it... they've been great because they've given me bits -- even though there's not much in the books -- they keep me, keep [my character] Bronn ticking along," Jerome told while promoting "Ripper Street."

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Jerome hinted that in Season 3 of "Game of Thrones," which kicks off on March 31 on HBO, there will be some uneasiness on Bronn's part now that Tyrion has lost his job as Hand of the King, a position now assumed by Tywin Lannister (Charles Dance).

"He's just about sticking it with Tyrion," Jerome said. "He's getting a bit frustrated, underpaid. He's not got the position he had, but there's still love between them. And some good, some nice scenes together, but not much."

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Jerome's "Ripper Street," which sees the actor playing Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake, was recently picked up for a second season by BBC America, and the actor told Access that his "GOT" role helped him land the part in the post-Jack the Ripper Whitechapel drama.

"I didn't even know if I was gonna go back on screen," Jerome said of his time away from the camera before taking on the "GOT" role of Bronn. "I went off to West Wales and was enjoying myself by the sea and kind of in the community there and renovating old cottages. My agent gave me a ring and I happened to be going down to London. I hate auditioning, but Bronn was there and that happened and the writer of 'Ripper Street' saw me in that and said when he was writing that he was thinking of me."

"Ripper Street's" Episode 6 airs Saturday at 9 PM ET/PT on BBC America.

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