Janelle Talks About Her Time on 'BB14'

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Janelle Talks About Her Time on 'BB14'

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to play an expedited version of Big Brother with other members of the press. About an hour in, it was revealed that two former All-Stars would be returning to spend the day with us. I instantly began praying that Janelle Pierzina would walk through the door. She was not only my favorite person to ever play Big Brother, but she was a competitive beast who dominated both of her seasons.

Sadly Brendan and Rachel were the All-Stars who joined me in the Big Brother house, but thankfully Janelle also returned to the game two weeks later as a Coach for Big Brother 14! This is where the news goes south again as Janelle was backdoored last week, becoming the fourth person to be evicted this season.

I caught up with Janelle today to talk about her time in the house, why long-simmering bad blood led to her eviction and found out what her next move would have been if she was playing with smarter people!

TheInsider.com: You seemed surprised or disappointed during your exit interview with Julie Chen following your eviction. Now, with a week's clarity, how are you feeling about the experience?
Janelle Pierzina: I'm so grateful to be home and out of that house [laughs]. The people in there this year were really, really evil. I've always played with people who wanted to align with me and no one this year, except Joe, wanted to be on my team.

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Insider.com: Why do you think that was? Were they intimidated?
Janelle: No. A lot of them hadn't even seen my season, so they didn't realize what kind of player I was. It was telephone – they'd heard I won a lot of competitions. There were a lot of people who wanted me out.

Insider.com: Boogie was the mastermind behind your eviction and against you all season long. Did you feel that tension in the house?
Janelle: Yea, well, he's bringing stuff up from season seven. He's still playing it personal because I took our Will in the Final Four. So, if you noticed, in the Diary Room, he said "This is for Will" – he's still playing like this is seven years ago. He's just a complete jerk.

Insider.com: Were you surprised by your 8 to 1 vote?
Janelle: I definitely knew I was leaving, but I was surprised by the vote. Wil and Ashley lied to me the whole week that they were going to keep me, so that was even worse. I was their Coach, I was kind of upset [over that].

Insider.com: What's your take on Britney's tears? She seemed very torn up over lying to and evicting you.
Janelle: Oh, I definitely think she's playing it up for the cameras. [She doesn't] want to be hated by the fans. I watched a lot of the clips online and she was really responsible for my eviction.

Insider.com: It didn't look like you worked very hard to sure up your votes -- what really happened?
Janelle: Immediately after I was put on the block, I knew I was probably going home. So I went up to everyone to find out what was happening and every single person in the house lied to me and said they were voting to keep me. Every single person. They were all lying to me. I was trying to get people in an alliance with me, but no one wanted to. I tried to plead my case and tell everyone it was a big mistake to leave Boogie in the house with Frank, but not a single person would listen to me. I've played with Boogie before. I know what he's capable of. They should have listened.

Insider.com: There were also lots of reports that a producer accidentally let Dan's Diary Room session play throughout the house. Did you hear it? Did it have an effect on the game?
Janelle: No. I heard bits and pieces of it, but it didn't affect anything. It could have if I would have heard it [clearly] because Dan was talking about a final three deal with Frank and Boogie.

Insider.com: Floaters are an inevitable part of Big Brother, but were you surprised by how many passive players there are this year?
Janelle: Yea, most of the people in there have never even watched Big Brother. That's why I'm out of the house. They didn't know what a loyal person I am to my teammates. They thought I was this ruthless backstabber who lied the whole time. They are all complete sheep to Boogie and don't even have their heads in the game.

Insider.com: Do you foresee any way Frank and Boogie don't end up in the Final Two?
Janelle: No. Not one single person is going to go after them. The only person who would have put Boogie on the block is me. He uses intimidating with a lot of the houseguests, so every single one of them is scared of him.

Insider.com: Who are you rooting for?
Janelle: I'm rooting for Frank! No one would listen to me that he needs to go, so I hope he wins the whole thing and I think he will.

Insider.com: Lastly, say Frank went home last week and you stayed, what would have been your next move?
Janelle: Well, not to sound arrogant, but I would have won HOH and I would have immediately put up Boogie and Jen, with the goal of getting Boogie out. He's gotta go.

Big Brother airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. and Thursdays at 9 p.m. on CBS.

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