Jamie Kennedy Hosts New Year's Eve Broadcast Disaster (Video)

Aaron Couch
The Hollywood Reporter
Jamie Kennedy Hosts New Year's Eve Broadcast Disaster (Video)

Perhaps the best New Year's resolution for one LA-area TV station would be “stick to pre-taped."

Independent broadcaster KDOC-TV Los Angeles’ New Year’s Eve live broadcast featured f-bombs, missed queues and – at moments – nothing but dead air.

It was hosted by Jamie Kennedy and also featured appearances from Macy Gray, Shannon Elizabeth and (curse-happy) Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, though the stars seemed confused and uncomfortable, judging from footage posted online Tuesday.

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Gallery At one point, a woman in the background of a shot mocked comedian Stu Stone by mouthing the words on his teleprompter as he said them. At another, the camera held for 40 seconds on a confused-looking Kennedy, while audio of two men’s rather vulgar conversation was accidentally broadcast.

YouTube user BlackDudeWhiteChick uploaded choice moments from the broadcast, writing in the description “ALL of the F-bombs, audio and video glitches, awkward pauses and drunk teleprompter mimics are 100% how the show aired.”

Watch the video below.