‘Westworld’ Star James Marsden Talks About the Time He Was Awkwardly Mistaken for Chris Pine

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On Tuesday’s The Late Show, Stephen Colbert sat down with Westworld star and probable android James Marsden.

Colbert wanted to know what kinds of crazy things obsessive fans say to him in the wild. Marsden recounted a story about a man on a recent flight repeatedly asking if he was “real.” As fun as that must’ve been to experience, Marsden had a better story up his sleeve.

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Apparently, a crew member on the set of Westworld pulled him aside and gushed about being a huge fan of his work — in Star Trek, a franchise he has never been a part of. Marsden surmised that the confused fan thought he was Chris Pine, the current reigning Captain Kirk. Marsden said he didn’t have the heart to tell him any different. Such are the pitfalls of stardom and of being a generically handsome Hollywood star.

Watch a recap of the latest episode of Westworld:

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