'Iron Man 3' Nabs $36.5M at Worldwide Box Office

Brent Lang
The Wrap

"Iron Man 3" won't open in the United States until next week, but foreign audiences are already lapping up the superhero sequel.

The film has generated $36.5 million worldwide since premiering in a range of foreign markets such as the United Kingdom, France, Australia and Italy. 

It has been released in 27 international territories thus far. In addition, Walt Disney Studios announced that the film has moved up its premiere in China two days, from May 1, the day of the stateside release, to May 1.

"Iron Man 3" on pace to generate $110 million in foreign territories over the week, roughly in line with what "Iron Man 2" debuted to in 2010.

Among other box-office landmarks, the film's United Kingdom opening generated $3.6 million, just 9 percent down from "The Avengers"; the $1 million Hong Kong opening represents the second best reception in the country for a Marvel movie after "Spider-Man 3"; and South Korea's $3 million take ranks as the third biggest Thursday opening of all-time.

"Iron Man 3" stars Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Kingsley and finds Shane Black ("Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang") taking over directing and screenwriting duties from Jon Favreau.


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