'Insidious 2' Commands with Friday 13th Opening

Robert Pace
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'Insidious 2' Commands with Friday 13th Opening

After collecting heaps at the box office for its predecessor, supernatural horror film sequel Insidious: Chapter 2 topped the box office by a wide margin this weekend.

The film, starring Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne, summoned an impressive estimated $41 million gross domestic over the weekend, which began with the folkloric unlucky day of Friday the 13th.

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Insidious: Chapter 2's massive opening was the second-largest for a horror film this year and the second-largest September debut of all-time.

While Friday the 13th proved a fruitful opening for Insidious, it was more of a curse for fellow opener The Family, which finished a far second at the box office with $14.5 million domestic.

Amongst the otherwise stagnant box office, the historic drama Lee Daniels' The Butler entered nine-digit territory, increasing to an even $100 million domestic with a fourth-place finish of $5.6 million.

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Also steadily adding to their hefty totals were sixth-week films We're The Millers (5th: $5.4 million, $131.6 million), Planes (7th: $3.1 million, $83 million), and Elysium (9th: $2.1 million, $88.4 million).

Although now out of the Top 10, the animated sequel Despicable Me 2 (13th) continues to amass dumfounding totals.

The Universal film has garnered $359 million domestic, which puts it in a position to become the largest- grossing domestic film in Universal's history (E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial has been the title holder for over 30 years with $359.2 million).

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In all, Despicable Me 2 has reaped $840.2 million worldwide.

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