In The Hot Seat: What to watch (or not) on TV talk shows the week of February 18

Sarah D. Bunting
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The Other Side of Marty

Don Cheadle discusses Marty's relationship with Roscoe.

Monday, February 18
Watch: Jacki Weaver
of "Silver Linings Playbook" is on with Craig Ferguson (or you could spend the time watching "Animal Kingdom" – and you should watch it at some point, anyway; it's outstanding). This isn't a talk show, exactly, but it's Celebrity Week on "The Price Is Right." Charles Barkley. Get that done. Meanwhile, Leno continues to dominate random guest combos in 2013 with Kevin Bacon and Dennis Rodman.

Skip: David Spade and his ladies' hairstyle, plus abrasive Kenny Licklider of "Alpha Dogs," are a no-go on Letterman. Still better than Kathie Lee and Hoda on "Chelsea Lately," though.

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Tuesday, February 19
Watch: Pauley "NCIS" Perrette
lets Rachael tour her bakery. We hope awesomely having a bakery makes up for non-awesomely having to keep on with that tired goth hairstyle after however many years. And no, we will not stop harping on that. It's Day 2 of "Price Is Right" host Drew Carey's classic-games week on "The Talk," AND Jackie Collins is visiting the show. (Does she teach a writing class anywhere? Because we would take the HELL out of that.) Alison Brie is on "The Daily Show."

Skip: We want to tell you to skip the ongoing scourge of JWOWW and Snooki on Ellen, but then Dennis Quaid is also on? We're so torn!

Wednesday, February 20
The charming Hugh Jackman hits "The Late Show," followed by a not-terribly-random, but also charming, guest combo of Lisa Kudrow and Bonnie Raitt on "The Late Late Show." Anthony Edwards's new show, "Zero Hour," isn't doing so hot ratings-wise, but we had fun talking to him and we're interested in what he'll say to Tavis Smiley. And don't miss Don Cheadle of "Flight" on Fallon.

Skip: Rachael Ray is hooking Jeff Probst up to a lie detector and asking him questions from his wife. Unnecessary.

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Thursday, February 21
We miss Steven Brill's magazine, so we'll be checking out "The Daily Show" tonight…and probably today's random guest combo, Octavia Spencer and Mario Cantone, on "The View" (but we may mute it – sorry, "Steampipe Alley"). And "The Late Late Show" should bring the funny with Molly Shannon and Kunal Nayyar of "Big Bang Theory."

Skip: "Rachael Ray" again, this time because Star Jones is the guest. Intolerable.

Friday, February 22
Watch: Shatner
on "The Late Late Show," just one month before his birthday. (We share that birthday with him; it's either brilliant or embarrassing.) And Mark Cuban is guest-co-hosting "The View," probably with some help from his friend the seven-second delay. Heh. Plus, there's a host-fest on Leno, who's joined by Meredith Vieira ("Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"; everything else) and Richard Roeper ("…At The Movies").

Skip: Nothing objectionable here, but if you're in danger of OD-ing on Oscars coverage and prep, choose your talk shows wisely.

Watch Hugh Jackman discuss "Les Miserables" on "Inside the Actors Studio":