Hunks From 'The Thunder From Down Under' Heat Up the Workroom on 'Project Runway' [Exclusive Video]

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It's time for the dreaded menswear challenge on "Project Runway," Teams Edition, and these men are more like superheroes, according to designer Samantha Black. Why? Because this week's models are from the exotic all-male review "The Thunder From Down Under," and their beefy bods couldn't be more different from the rail-thin runway models these designers usually work with. "These guys' thighs were the size of our regular models' waists," says contestant Stanley Hudson in this exclusive sneak peek at Thursday's episode.

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In this clip, the designers meet the hunks, who made the trek from Sin City to Parsons in New York, and the contestants are feeling the heat and breaking a sweat -- particularly the giggly female designers -- and not just because these guys are uber-challenging to design for.

"Here I am, trying to fit these huge guys, and I feel awkward touching them," says Layana Aguilar. "For some reason, you feel, like, hypnotized by them a little bit because of their accent, and they're just so funny."

Michelle Lesniak Franklin jokes that she's worried about her husband's reaction to the steamy scene: "I'm gonna get in trouble for all those kisses I just got."

Rumor also has it that for the first time ever, judge Nina Garcia, fashion director of Marie Claire magazine, is left speechless. To find out who was too distracted to construct a runway-worthy look, tune in to "Project Runway" on Thursday, 3/14 at 9 PM on Lifetime.