Hollywood Slams Paul Ryan's Rape Comments (Video)

August 28, 2012

Already mocked by Rage Against the Machine and Twisted Sister, Rep. Paul Ryan is coming under fire from Hollywood for describing rape as a "method of conception.”

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The comment from the Republican party’s newly anointed vice presidential nominee was recorded in an interview last week. When asked about his pro-life views, Ryan said "the method of conception" does not change the definition of life. 

While Ryan has said he is against abortions in all cases, he made it clear in the same interview that Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney would be the one making policy should their ticket be elected. Romney is in favor of allowing abortions in the cases of rape, incest or in which the health of the mother is at risk. Meanwhile, the GOP adopted a platform at its convention Tuesday that would ban abortion in all cases.

The focus on Ryan's comments comes as the Republican party continues to distance itself from Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin, who caused a media firestorm earlier this month when he said a woman’s body has a way of preventing pregnancies in the case of “legitimate rape.” 

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ProsecutionsBelow is a sampling of notable reactions to Ryan’s comments, and video of the interview that sparked them.

Family Guy writer Steve Marmel:

The Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead:

Comedian Andy Borowitz:

Saturday Night Live writer Paula Pell:

Former The Hills castmember Lo Bosworth:

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