Hillary Clinton Gets Funny Advice from Kids

Jeremy Belanger

On Monday, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Instead of a hair tousling from Fallon, she was given campaign advice in the form of letters written by children.

One child wrote, “Advice number one, post less on Instagram. 200 posts in a month, that’s a lot.” The writer suggested she post to Snapchat more often and cut her hair to match her style when she was a Senator, or specifically from November 1994.

They weren’t all silly. A 12-year-old wrote, “I would love for you to become president. But there is a wall called Donald Trump trying to stop you. But no, us women will not stand for it. It’s our job to gear up and knock down this wall and show that women have a place in this world.” She added in proper campaign-ad fashion, “P.S. I’m 12 and I approve this message.”

Jimmy Fallon makes a total mess of Donald Trump’s hair:

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