Hillary Clinton and Ken Bone Have a Debate Dance-Off on ‘Ellen’

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton stopped by Ellen on Friday, and host Ellen DeGeneres showed the candidate what last Sunday’s presidential debate could have been — and maybe should have been. DeGeneres showed Clinton a clip from the debate that started normally, with Clinton’s talking about the importance of this election. But with the use of some great special effects, Hillary dropped the mic and started to dance. And the real star of the last debate, the red-sweater-sporting Ken Bone, just couldn’t sit still.

With the help of a green screen, and Clinton’s and Bone’s heads superimposed onto two dancing bodies, the two had a dance-off right there in the middle of the debate, with Clinton continuing to speak while busting a move. The real Hillary Clinton, shown in an onscreen box, couldn’t stop laughing.

Before letting Clinton go, DeGeneres wished her a happy birthday. Clinton will be turning 69 later this month, and she has no problem joking about her age or the presidency.

Clinton joked, “You’re right. It is my birthday, and just think of it this way. I will be the youngest woman ever elected president.”

The actress featured in the infamous Trump-Bush video speaks out on ‘Today’:

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