Guess Who Rescues Abe and Jeremiah From Getting Punched on 'Breaking Amish'? [Exclusive Video]

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It's been surprisingly hard to sympathize with the cast of TLC's reality series "Breaking Amish." Already this season (titled "Breaking Amish: Brave New World"), ex-Mennonite Sabrina High has bashed the White House, saying, "Really? The President of the United States lives in that? I've seen Amish houses that are bigger than that."

Sure, these ex-Amish, ex-Mennonite 20-somethings have dealt with being excommunicated from their families and shunned by their communities, but they're not exactly gracefully transitioning to "English" life. Not to mention that the series has been scandal-ridden since the get-go, with rumors swirling throughout Season 1 that the show was fixed and the cast members were not who they claimed to be.

Season 2 is not shaping up to be any less dramatic. In this exclusive sneak peek at the upcoming episode "Flirting With Disaster," a bar brawl in their new locale — the Pinecraft community in Sarasota, Florida — seems imminent. The cast's decision to parade their transition from Amish/Mennonite to "English" life on TV is apparently not sitting well with some of the local big, muscled dudes, who are ready to go to blows with bad-boy Jeremiah Raber and newly married Abe Schmucker.

Abe and Rebecca set the record straight on their relationship:

The first man to approach them makes it pretty clear that Jeremiah and Abe are not welcome there: "What are you doing here? I don't remember anyone inviting you guys out here ever. You need to stop hanging out at places all the ex-Amish hang out at." Yikes, sounds like their reputation has preceded them. "Here we go again. We can't have one night without some ex-Amish guy bothering us," Jeremiah says.

They all "step outside," and the guy lays into them some more: "The problem is all this s--- you guys keep trying to throw out there; it's embarrassing. It's looking bad on the communities. You guys should be ashamed of yourself, man." Of course, a riled-up Jeremiah tells him to put up with it, which doesn't go over so well. "I always see you around. Don't worry about it; I'll f------ get back to you," the guy threatens. Scary.

The next angry ex-Amish man to approach them is even less keen on having a convo first. After few words are exchanged in Pennsylvania Dutch, Abe's mom pops in to defend her son. "Whoa, where did she come from?" you might be wondering. Well, Abe's mom moves in with the cast this week. Sounds like a full house in the worst way.

"Breaking Amish: Brave New World," airs Sundays at 10 PM on TLC.