Grey's Finale Sneak Peeks: As the Superstorm Rages, Mer's 'Intense' Childbirth Begins…

Matt Webb Mitovich
Grey's Finale Sneak Peeks: As the Superstorm Rages, Mer's 'Intense' Childbirth Begins…

Oh, baby! With a superstorm sweeping through Seattle in the Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 finale this Thursday, there is no shortage of drama to be found.

Explaining her decision to shift gears, scrap her original finale plan and brew up a storm, show boss Shonda Rhimes tells TVLine, “I always really like us to set ourselves up at the end of the season so that we’re in a place where we’re reinventing the show and starting fresh. So I came to the realization that we’re going to get complacent if we did what we were going to do. So we decided to do something different.”

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Rhimes notes that her finale vision always involved a storm of some magnitude, but “the stakes of what happen to certain people definitely weren’t going to play out the way that they do now.” Including but not limited to an “intense” childbirth scenario for Meredith (get more scoop here).

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As seen in this three-pack of video sneak peeks from the episode, Meredith’s ready to deliver, but labors to buy time until proper help can arrive — cue her person Cristina with distracting prattle… Arizona coaches her troops to help other makers of baby humans feel calm amid the mayhem, only to get flustered herself by Lauren’s offer of help… and Callie and Bailey lay witness to an event that’s sure to flood the ER.

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