Grey's Anatomy Recap: "Walking on a Dream"

Natalie Abrams
TV Guide
Jessica Capshaw | Photo Credits: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy was, in the most imperceptible of ways, a real turning point for the surviving members of the plane crash that ultimately cost Lexie and Mark their lives and left Arizona, Cristina, Meredith and Derek — and in some ways, Callie, too — irreparably damaged.

During the hour, Meredith, while dealing with pregnancy hormones, was faced with the prospect of getting on a plane again. Initially hesitant, she persevered and got on a small plane similar to the one they crashed in — and did so without freaking out. For Derek, it was his first successful surgery since getting his hand back in working shape. Cristina, having healed long ago, was able to show compassion for Alex's program — even if it's because she wants to do more fun operations.

But it was Arizona who took the biggest step, both literally and figuratively. For some time, Arizona had been dreaming of being whole again, with her leg still attached. But those dreams would often turn into nightmares of her leg shattering like glass, or her having to perform an amputation on herself. She was suffering from phantom limb syndrome, in which she perceived pain in the leg that had been amputated. Fortunately, Owen helped her with different, and sometimes unconventional, therapies — Alex stabbed her in her fake foot! — to help her mind and body come to terms.

Now the question becomes: Will the plane crash survivors be able and willing to save Seattle Grace? The arrival of Dr. Cahill (Constance Zimmer), a physician advisor charged with finding ways to slash the budget, spells disaster for the hospital once she announces that the ER will be the first thing cut. If Cahill has her way, her former mentor Dr. Webber may also be on the chopping block.

Should Derek & Co. band together to save the hospital? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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