Grey's Anatomy Recap: "Things We Said Today"

Natalie Abrams
TV Guide
Ellen Pompeo | Photo Credits: Ron Tom/ABC

[Warning: This story contains major spoilers from Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy. Read at your own risk!]

Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy brought both the best of news and the worst of news.

While Cristina and Owen grappled with whether they should get a divorce, Bailey skipped her wedding to perform surgery on Adele Webber. One of these things ended with good news, another with bad. To find out which, we take a look at this week's top moments from the episode. Have your tissues handy!

Bailey, the runaway bride: Bailey is midway through treating Adele before she even realizes she's left Ben waiting at the altar. After Adele's surgery is successful, Bailey runs into Ben in the hospital and admits that for a moment, she forgot about him and the wedding. She admits she may not have been sure about marrying him, crying that her ambition killed her last marriage. But, since he's also going to be a surgeon, he understands, and the couple finally jumps over the broom and gets married. Tissue level: ½ a box.

Cristina and Owen, reunited: Picking up minutes after the midseason finale, Cristina and Owen find themselves in the on-call room, rekindling the flames. After dealing with some unsavory bikers, Owen comes to realize that he and Cristina should have never gotten married. Once they're out of the confined box of a marriage, they can no longer hurt each other. But (surprise!) they decide, at least based on their passionate kiss, to stay together!  Tissue level: Just a few... for Owen.

Callie and Arizona, rekindled: Arizona is disheartened to hear that Callie actually told Bailey to run. Seeing that Callie may be wavering, Arizona decides to get them a room, though rediscovering their sexuality is definitely awkward. After Arizona asks her to leave the room so she can take off her leg, Callie returns to find Arizona still dressed with her leg on. She's not ready to have sex yet, so they decide to watch movies, drink champagne and have an old fashioned make-out session after Arizona begs Callie not to run. Tissues level: ¾ of a box.

April and Jackson, divided: April and Jackson attempt to stand their ground by using their intern dates as distractions to not sleep together. Fortunately for Jackson, he finds more than that in Stephanie, whom he ends up sleeping with despite insisting they wouldn't. Unfortunately for April, Shane is completely awkward around her since he thinks April just wants to sleep with him since interns are like sexual catnip at Seattle Grace. However, he really doesn't, leading to an awkward moment when he rebuffs her and she worries he thought she was sexually harassing him. Tissues level: Just two or three to wipe off some steam in Jackson and Stephanie's sex car.

Alex and Jo, the misfit doctors: Though all the doctors are being called back to the hospital, Jo can't go since she's already started drinking. Alex decides to stay behind with her and get sloshed, bonding with her over their rough childhoods. Eventually, Jo breaks out in tears causing a scene, but it turns out she was just messing with him. (Goodness, she's terrible.) But she teaches Alex that men crying is even more heartbreaking, which works in their favor when they finagle a room key belonging to someone else. Tissue level: 0. We still don't like her. And we're starting to lose respect for him if this is his new love interest. 

Webber, the widower: Webber almost goes off the rails when Adele is brought in, accusing her caretaker of not being more vigilant. Webber even nearly punches the guy after he comments that Webber never visits. Wracked with that guilt, all he can do is watch from the gallery — with Leah taking care of him — as Bailey and Meredith try to fix Adele. Eventually, with some help from the former chief, Adele is stable and even comes out lucid, recognizing her husband... one last time. Richard shows up to the wedding, but doesn't break the bad news to Bailey lest he ruin her wedding: Adele died of a heart attack. Tissue level: All the tissues left in the world.

How many boxes of tissues did you go through — a whole one once you saw Adele in that wedding dress with their song, "My Funny Valentine" playing in the background, right? Hit the comments!