Grey's Anatomy Recap: "Readiness Is All"

Natalie Abrams
TV Guide
Ellen Pompeo | Photo Credits: Richard Cartwright/ABC

As the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital prepares for the impending storm in Thursday's episode of Grey's Anatomy, an entirely different catastrophe is brewing with the doctors — and Meredith falling down the stairs is the very least of everyone's worries. Before you take a look at what the docs face this week, grab a box of tissues and that bottle of wine usually reserved for Scandal.

When Alex met his person: After getting the bruised and beaten Jo settled at his place, Alex decides to confront Peckwell, something the audience isn't privy to. When Alex brings an unconscious Peckwell into the hospital, everyone assumes Alex beat him senseless. In truth, it was Jo who hit him, but Peckwell still hit back! When Peckwell threatens to report her to the police, Alex gently reminds him that hitting a woman will follow him forever. Good thing Peckwell's off to The Originals! While alone with Jo, Alex realizes that she is his person. Sadly, his moment of clarity is interrupted when a tree suddenly flies through the window. Special!

Why Bailey's back: She returns to GSM, but decides just to help out with filing. Yes, a perfectly great surgeon wants to work on filing. When Webber tries to get her back into surgery, she declines. Seriously. He finally explodes on her, saying that she's a great doctor and if she isn't going to be that anymore, she should just leave. She puts her name on the OR board before the hour's up.

How Meredith went down the stairs the wrong way: When Owen forces her out of the OR — there was a chance it would explode — Meredith accidentally slips on the stairs, falling down to the next landing. That's a big fall for a woman who's nearly nine months pregnant. Fortunately, she's totally fine. Her water doesn't even break until the end of the episode, which will be super interesting in a finale that includes a super storm.

The weirdest dance number ever: After spending much of the episode complaining about being forced out of the OR, April finds out why: A flash mob proposal! (Owen wanted her to be in the ER when it all went down.) Matthew enlists a bunch of paramedics, docs, etc. to dance in the ambulance bay, after which he proposes to April. It's totally sweet — if not crazy embarrassing. I would never want to be proposed to that way. However, it's also a little awkward after April says yes and then spots Jackson in the crowd.

The beginning of the end: Owen begins to consider fostering Ethan, the son of a patient in a coma whose mother recently died. He even enlists Meredith for advice. But when the patient finally wakes up, Owen immediately gets him transferred to another hospital under the guise of getting him out of the storm. But he's actually more sad than anything — something he and Cristina will soon need to face head-on.

The night the lights went out at GSM: Lauren continues to shamelessly flirt with Arizona, which certainly makes the latter feel special. Again, in case anyone has forgotten, Arizona is married to Callie and they have a daughter. Just for the record. Anyways, Lauren asks Arizona to show her to an on-call room — so she can stay close to her patient... sure! — but the lights suddenly go out and it turns into a hot make-out session, which Arizona initially puts a stop to... before going full force into it. Saved this one for last so you can go straight to the comments to profess whether you're #TeamArizona or #TeamCallie. Go!

Grey's Anatomy airs Thursdays at 9/8c on ABC.