‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Recap: Funeral Procession Ends in Resurrection

On Grey’s Anatomy, the hospital turns into a funeral home for one family, as one of their own dies and miraculously comes back to life.

A car crash halts an entire funeral procession and sends everyone to the emergency room, including the already-departed Peter. In fact, Peter is the only one who escaped the accident unscathed, although his coffin and hearse were damaged enough that he was brought to the hospital along with his family and was put in his own room for holding.

Peter’s wife stayed by her dead husband’s side but suffered a heart attack. The staff valiantly attempted to save her life, but unfortunately were unable to and pronounced her dead.

As the rest of the family came to Georgia’s room to pay their respects, one of her daughters saw Georgia move. After some discussion, Georgia suddenly sat up, creating a happy ending for the grieving family.

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Watch Dr. Karev go to court as things go from bad to worse on Grey’s Anatomy:

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