Grey's Anatomy Recap: "Do You Believe in Magic"

Natalie Abrams
TV Guide
Sara Ramirez, Jessica Capshaw | Photo Credits: Ron Tom/ABC

Thursday's Grey's Anatomy asked the question: "Do You Believe in Magic"? Our response: No. Not if believing in magic means accepting that a married woman, who has spent the better part of this season struggling to find herself again, would be happy about some random doc flirting with her. Sure, Hilarie Burton is beautiful, but come on, Arizona. You're married!

Because of our bitterness over this turn of events, here are the five things we took issue with in this week's Grey's. (Don't misunderstand. The hour was great, but certain events left us with a bad taste in our mouths.)

1. Someone flirts with Arizona: Arizona crosses paths with a craniofacial specialist named Lauren (Burton) after she mistakenly grabs her coffee. Lauren spends the rest of the hour openly flirting with Arizona — even in front of Callie! Even though Arizona says she's married, it's clear she's happy about this flirtatious turn. Sure, same-sex couples are not immune to heterosexual couple issues, like infidelity, so while we applaud executive producer Shonda Rhimes for her continued support of equality ... WHY?!

2. Bailey puts herself on lockdown: Feeling that no one supported her during the CDC investigation, Bailey has locked herself up in the genome lab, ignoring everyone's attempts to bring her out of her shell. We're used to Bailey's strong leadership, so to see her closed off from the rest of the hospital is disheartening. Fortunately, Ben comes up from L.A. to help her cope.

3. The gruesome cases of the week: The magician's assistant who was really sawed in half by a chainsaw? Yuck! The baby that looked like it had two faces? Whoa! The sorority gal who ingested liquid nitrogen and burned a hole in her stomach? Ack!

4. Jackson and Stephanie don't break up: Now that he's the head of the hospital, she's feeling neglected and finally explodes on him at the bar, saying that she deserves to be treated better. And we agree, she does deserve to be treated better ... by someone who can and will do that. That person is not Jackson. He's too busy and should continue focusing on his own career — and maybe April — without having to worry about her.

5. Someone attacks Jo: Even though she's asked Alex to leave her alone, she shows up at his house, much to his frustration. But she's actually bruised and beaten and begs Alex to let her stay with him. Since she was last seen fighting with Jason, whom she just moved in with, he's the most likely suspect. While we've never liked Jo, no one deserves that.

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