'Good Behavior' Sneak Peek: The Trouble With a Tesla Getaway Car

Mandi Bierly
Deputy Editor, Yahoo TV
Yahoo TV

After the end of last week’s two-episode premiere of the new TNT drama Good Behavior, Michelle Dockery’s ex-con, Letty, has a bigger problem than not being able to escape hit man Javier (Juan Diego Botto): the two dead bodies with them in their getaway car — a Tesla that needs charging.

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“After the pilot, we were arcing out the whole series, and the first idea I had for an episode was I just wanted to see an episode where Letty and Javier were trapped in a car together with two dead bodies in the trunk and they were trying to get rid of the bodies, and then one thing after another went wrong,” co-creator Chad Hodge tells Yahoo TV, teasing tonight’s hour. Watch a sneak peek above. “I wanted the episode — almost like a bottle episode of this road trip — to be basically a beginning, middle, and end of a marriage,” he says. “Then I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be really fun if it was a Tesla and they couldn’t find a charging station?’ That was just this anxiety that would perpetuate throughout the whole episode and get worse and worse and worse. I had to figure out how to get two dead bodies in the trunk, then I came up with the episode that preceded this one, where they’re at the hotel.”

In case you’re wondering, no, it’s not integrated marketing. Yes, the car’s “ludicrous mode” comes into play.

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As for our other burning questions: Hodge declines to say what Javier’s mark in the pilot had done to warrant the hit, or how Javier managed to kill her and escape before the police arrived. “The show is really from Letty’s point of view — if she doesn’t know some information, then we won’t either. We really try to follow that rule,” he explains. “I love that people are wondering those things. In most movies or TV shows, it’s all about that plot stuff: What did she do? How did he get out of the house? It doesn’t really matter. I have in my head how I know he got out of the house, but however you think he got out of the house is just as valid.”

More important, looking ahead: Will there be a sex scene that tops Letty and Javier role-playing as a couple celebrating their anniversary in Episode 2? That one he’ll answer. “That sex scene is one of my favorite scenes I’ve ever written, because when most people role-play in relationships, you’re things that are anything other than being married,” Hodge says. “It’s a subjective thing, but I think there’s one that comes close, no pun intended. There’s an amazing sex scene in the very last episode, that we shot in a very unique and interesting way, that I’m excited for everybody to see.”

Good Behavior airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TNT.