Goldberg Extends WWE Contract for More Matches

Tony Maglio
The Wrap
Goldberg Extends WWE Contract for More Matches

Pro wrestling icon Goldberg has extended his WWE contract for more matches, a person with knowledge of the deal told TheWrap.

The agreement was apparently set in stone before Sunday’s “Survivor Series,” which may explain why the main event was so brief and one-sided. Expectations are that Goldberg returns for January’s “Royal Rumble,” possibly in a rematch versus Brock Lesnar. Or, theoretically, if Bill Goldberg is booked in the actual over-the-top-rope free-for-all itself, the Beast Incarnate may have to wait until “WrestleMania 33” to exact his revenge.

Either way, expect Lesnar to be hungry for something more than a sub from sponsor Jimmy John’s. The WWE did not immediately return our request for comment.

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Watch Goldberg decimate Lesnar last night here. The destruction of the world’s scariest man means Goldberg is now 2-0 versus Lesnar in their careers.

Aside from the dominant and disappointing squash match to end it all, WWE’s “Survivor Series” was a pretty solid show. The penultimate traditional five-on-five fight featured a number of strong high spots, like Shane McMahon elbowing Braun Strowman through an announcers table from the top turnbuckle. Later, during the same match, The Shield — Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns — reunited to powerbomb A.J. Styles through a(nother) table.

Despite the traitorous move from Ambrose, his and Styles’ “Team SmackDown” was triumphant over “Raw’s” red guys. That should make The Undertaker pleased.

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