Glenn Beck renews radio deal

Claudine Zap
Yahoo! TV

Former Fox News host Glenn Beck has reportedly doubled his salary in a hefty $100 million, five-year deal for his radio show, according to the New York Times

That’s a pretty sweet deal, especially considering that the conservative pundit isn’t even No. 1 on the radio dial. That honor is held by right-wing persona Rush Limbaugh, who in 2008 signed a whopping eight-year, $400 million deal, including a $100 million signing bonus. Sean Hannity is second, with Beck coming in third.

But third seems to be a charmed place for Beck, whose show is carried by more than 400 radio stations. Even though audience for radio had started to decline with the recession in 2008, it actually made big-name personalities more valuable for attracting the remaining listeners.

Beck certainly seems to be an asset to his network, Premiere, which in 2007 inked a $50 million, five-year deal for “The Glenn Beck Program.” His new deal is apparently twice that. The agreement will also include Beck’s digital businesses; Premiere will sell ads for the online side as well.

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Along with his sizable raise, Beck does know how to hustle his brand. The host has used the show to shill for his other products, including books and his subscription-based Web network, Glenn Beck TV.

That’s worked out well for him. The Wall Street Journal estimates revenue from those side businesses will bring in $40 million this year.