"Glee" Takes on "Rocky Horror Picture Show" in Tribute Episode

Linda StCyr
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"Glee" is doing a tribute to "Rocky Horror Picture Show" on Tuesday (October 26), just in time for Halloween. The tribute to "Rocky Horror" comes after a controversial photo on the cover of GQ magazine with members of the "Glee" cast posing as high school students (which they portray on the show). The Parents Television Council found the cover offensive and has been quite vocal about it, citing that the sexy photo bordered on pedophilia. But it isn't the first time the PTC has disliked "Glee" tributes.

In fact, in the article Inside the "Glee" Phenomenon by Alex Pappademas (GQ October), it was noted that the PTC found '"Glee" to be the "worst TV show of the week," claiming the show held, "a veiled reference to fellatio, a speech denouncing abstinence, simulated sex during a musical dance number, and premature ejaculation."

Can you just imagine what they are going to say about the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" tribute episode?

Fans of "Rocky Horror" know what to expect from a midnight showing of the cult classic: newbies (aka virgins), counterpoint dialogue being yelled at the screen, water guns shooting water over the crowd portraying rain, toast, rice and rolls of toilet paper being flung, and an entire theater joining in the Time Warp. If the cast of "Glee" plans on doing "Rocky Horror" right, then just a few things to expect on the tribute episode include lingerie, sex talk, cannibalism, straight love, gay love, alien love, and dancing gyrations of the pelvic area. And let's not forget sex and more sex. "Glee" fans who are "Rocky" virgins should be prepared to be shocked.

Let's take a look at a few of the things the Parents Television Council is bound to get up in arms about and what might upset a few "Glee" fans who are "Rocky Horror" virgins:

Sweet Transvestites From Transsexual, Transylvania

Most of "Rocky Horror" is about sexuality. In fact, Tim Curry's main role in the movie was as an alien transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania, who wanted to build someone who wouldn't say no to any kind of sexual act. His creation in the film, Rocky, slept with Brad, Janet, and Frank, showing no discrimination about gender or species. And let's not forget that if the "Glee" member playing Tim Curry's Frank does it properly, they will do it attired in fishnets, high heels, and a lingerie corset.

Rock-n-Roll, Porn and a Motorbike (Eddie Gets Eaten)

Eddie was originally played by Meat Loaf, and in the television tribute by "Glee" he will be played by guest star John Stamos, according to AceShowBiz. "Glee" fans should not be surprised to learn that Eddie, who is Columbia's ex-boyfriend, gets eaten at a feast with all the characters attending. Magenta's famed line after hitting the gong, "Master, dinner is prepared!" leads into a song about Eddie's life just before the dining table's cloth is removed revealing a half-eaten Eddie laid before them all.

Toucha, Toucha, Touch Me. I Wanna Feel Dirty.

Janet Weiss, originally played by Susan Sarandon, is a sweet girl who has just gotten engaged to Brad. They are a young couple who find themselves stranded at Dr. Frank-N-Furter's castle at the beginning of the movie. It soon becomes apparent that Janet is a sex-starved young woman whose needs are not being met by Brad. She is tricked into sleeping with Frank, then after being cheated on by Brad (who also sleeps with Frank), she seeks comfort in the arms of Rocky, Franks boy-toy creation. "Glee" fans should know that during midnight showings of "Rocky Horror Picture Show," the counterpoint dialogue from the audience includes Janet being called a slut every time her name is mentioned.

The Curtain Closes After a Pool Orgy and Violent Deaths

Toward the end of the film, Dr. Furter turns everyone into statues, dresses them up in lingerie, and makes them sing and dance for a special floor show, which includes a pool orgy. Every one of the cast members except Magenta and Riff Raff is involved. After the pool orgy is when Magenta and Riff Raff come in to take the castle back home to Transylvania, but first they kill Columbia, Rocky, and Frank. The Parents Television Council will probably have something to say about that if "Glee" does the end scene of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" in the tribute episode.