'Glee': New Directions Channels Beyonce in 'Diva' (Video)

Lesley Goldberg
The Hollywood Reporter
'Glee': New Directions Channels Beyonce in 'Diva' (Video)

New Directions is going all Beyonce during next week's "Diva" episode.

In honor of Sunday's Super Bowl, where Beyonce will perform (live!) at halftime, Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy released the clip from next week's hour featuring Tina, Brittany, Wade, Marley and Blaine, among others, having a diva-off set to the singer's "Diva."

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Check out the amazing clip below to see Emma offering the official definition of "Diva" and how Brittany torments Ryder, and hit the comments with your thoughts on who will win the diva-off. (Our money is on Marley!) 

Glee airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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