Giuliani Agrees Trump's Comments Described Sexual Assault: "That's What He Was Talking About"

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Former New York City Mayor and Donald Trump adviser Rudy Giuliani acknowledged that Trump's lewd comments toward women on the tapes leaked Friday were describing sexual assault. Giuliani made the rounds on Sunday talk shows Meet the Press on NBC and This Week on ABC, where he said Trump would apologize during Sunday night's debate, but that when it comes to the candidates "both sides have sinned."

"That's what he's talking about," said Giuliani on This Week when George Stephanopoulos asked if the recently leaked Trump comments described sexual assault.

"Whether it happened or not, I don't know," added Giuliani. "How much exaggeration was involved in that, I don't know. I do know there's a tendency on the part of some men at different times to exaggerate things like this. I'm not in any way trying to excuse or condone it."

Rudy Giuliani on whether Trump was describing sexual assault on 2005 audio: "That's what he was talking about"

- This Week (@ThisWeekABC) October 9, 2016


Rudy Giuliani to @GStephanopoulos: "I'm sure" Trump will apologize at tonight's debate. #ThisWeek

- This Week (@ThisWeekABC) October 9, 2016

On Friday, tapes were released of Trump and former Access Hollywood co-host Billy Bush having conversations about Trump's advances on women. On those tapes, Trump can be heard talking about making a move on current Entertainment Tonight correspondent Nancy O'Dell, then a co-host on Access Hollywood with Bush. Later, CNN also leaked audio of Trump agreeing that radio host Howard Stern can call his daughter, Ivanka, a "fine piece of ass."

"Donald Trump is going to show up tonight and he's going to explain to people why he's remaining in the race," said Giuliani about Sunday night's presidential debate in St. Louis. "I'm sure he's going to apologize again and then move on to the things that the American people are going to have to decide in, what is it, 34 days."

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On Meet the Press, Giuliani said that when it comes to the two presidential candidates, "both sides have sinned." He predicted that Trump will bring up Hillary Clinton's role as the "attacker" when it comes to "the women that Bill Clinton raped, sexually abused and attacked."

Trump recently retweeted posts from Juanita Broaddrick, who made accusations that Bill Clinton raped her in 1978. The accusations were never tried in criminal court.

Earlier this week, Giuliani's daughter Caroline came out as a full-fledged Hillary Clinton supporter, despite the fact that her father is a close adviser to Trump.

Since tapes of Trump's lewd comments toward women have been released, Republicans including Arnold Schwarzenegger, John McCain and Condoleezza Rice have withdrawn their support for him. Trump told the Washington Post on Saturday that he would "never withdraw" from the race.

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Watch Giuliani's full Meet the Press interview below.

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