‘Gilmore Girls’ Characters: Where Are They Now? (Photos)

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‘Gilmore Girls’ Characters: Where Are They Now? (Photos)

Please do not read on if you have not watched Netflix’s “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” revival. The fates of all major characters will be revealed.


With both her business and her relationship with Luke at a standstill, Lorelai took two giant steps forward: She decided to expand the Dragonfly Inn, and she married her longtime boyfriend.


Nine years after the original “Gilmore Girls” left her single and searching for her calling professionally, Rory still struggled in the revival. In the end, she found it, writing a book about her and her mother. Meanwhile, her final two words – “I’m pregnant” – leaves her future perhaps more uncertain than ever.


Rory’s ex-boyfriend turned up just in time to help her through her professional crisis, giving her the idea to write her book – and giving her a longing look that indicates their romantic history may still be on his mind.


Not dealing so well with Richard’s death, Emily struggled to find her place in the world as a widow – and she finally finds some semblence of peace after deciding to sell their palatial Hartford manor and moving to Nantucket, where she takes joy in terrifying tourists with whale tales at the local maritime museum.


Lorelai’s best friend and business partner has been gone from the Dragonfly Inn for two years, forcing Lorelai to cycle through a rotation of various celebrity chefs who attempt to take her place – but she does return in time for Luke and Lorelai’s wedding, to give her a dozen choices on her perfect wedding cake.


The ex-boyfriend still most significant in Rory’s life, the Huntzberger heir lives in London and has been involved in a longstanding “understanding” with the younger Gilmore. But once his fiancee moved in, their arrangement was off. Unless Rory’s pregnancy shakes things up…


As floppy-haired and tall as ever, Rory’s first love made just one brief appearance in the revival, enough to catch up on what he’s been up to – wife and kids in Scranton – and for Rory to tell him what a great first boyfriend he was. There’s clearly nothing but fondness and good memories between these two now.


The rebellious rocker is still married to Zack and they’re still playing in their band together. And her mother, Mrs. Kim, is still running around Stars Hollow frightening everyone. Bonus: We finally meet Mr. Kim, albeit briefly.


The Dragonfly Inn’s concierge and Lorelai’s other business partner, Michel is growing frustrated with Lorelai’s inability to move on from Sookie’s departure – particularly her unwillingness to allow both the business and him to grow, to the point that he contemplates taking a job at the W in New York. Of course, Lorelai’s late-breaking decision to expand the Inn could change all of that…


Luke’s daughter is now a senior at MIT and totally freaking out about having to join the real world soon. Luckily, Rory is there to calm her down – sort of.


Rory’s dad didn’t show up this time to mess with Luke and Lorelai. In his one scene in the revival, Rory asked Christopher what it was like for him to watch Lorelai raise her alone – seemingly as research for her book, but as the ending would reveal, she’s really asking because she herself is about to become a single mother. Could she been looking for a reason to involve her baby daddy or not?

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