Get an exclusive first look at the poster for HBO's 'Phil Spector'

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo! TV

We're a little embarrassed to admit it, but we can't wait to see "Phil Spector," HBO's pulpy account of the Phil Spector murder trial, headlined by Oscar winners Al Pacino and Helen Mirren. So we jumped at the chance to give you this exclusive first look at the film's poster, which shows Pacino (in one of Spector's many wigs) and Mirren besieged by paparazzi cameras -- a nod to the intense media circus surrounding Spector's trial.  

"Spector" stars Pacino as the legendary gun-toting, wig-wearing music producer, who stood trial for the murder of actress Lana Clarkson; Mirren plays attorney Linda Kenney Baden, who represented Spector at his first murder trial. The film, written and directed by acclaimed playwright David Mamet, chronicles Linda's efforts to build a case that will exonerate Spector. But it's an uphill battle; Spector's a real loose cannon and another attorney warns Linda, "He's a freak... they're going to convict him of 'I just don't like you.'"

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We're just happy to see Pacino chew a little scenery again, "Scent of a Woman"-style. Watch him roam the halls of his creepy mansion, show off his vast firearm collection, and yell a lot in the "Phil Spector" trailer below:

"Phil Spector" premieres Sunday, 3/24 at 9 PM on HBO.