The Funniest "NCIS" Scenes Ever

Cathy Miller
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In the past seven seasons, "NCIS" has given us many wonderful scenes, both dramatic and comedic. What funny scenes from "NCIS" make you laugh just thinking about them? Here are 10 funny scenes, in order of appearance, that were picked as the best of the best:

The Boneyard

When "NCIS" fans think of this episode, the scene with Tony and Gibbs in the boxing ring usually comes to mind. While that entire gym scene was fun to watch, it was not the funniest scene in "The Boneyard." The funniest scene would be when Gibbs was talking to Jimmy Napps. Gibbs was meeting with Jimmy in order to find out who the FBI agent was who framed his friend, Tobias Fornell, and helped to cover up a lot of murders. When Jimmy called, he told Gibbs to come alone. Gibbs laughed and said, "I'm not that stupid." They finally agreed to bring one man apiece. Then this threat was given followed by Gibbs' hilarious answer:

Jimmy: Gibbs, you hurt my boy, I'll kill your brothers, your uncles, your father. And after their funerals, I'll kill you.

Gibbs: No brothers, no uncles, my father passed years ago. I do have three ex-wives whose names and addresses I will gladly fax on to you.

Conspiracy Theory

The end of this "NCIS" episode was hysterically funny. While there were words spoken, the expressions on Michael Weatherly, Sasha Alexander, and Mark Harmon's faces were priceless. Tony has been bugging Kate throughout the episode, and while that is the norm, what he is bugging her about is not. The prim and proper Kate has been found out -- she has a wild side. During Tony's vacation to Panama City, home of spring break, he found Kate's picture on the wall of Rod's Tiki Tavern. The wall was the Wet T-Shirt Hall of Fame and Kate was listed as the best wet T-shirt for 1994.

When Kate lets everyone know that Tony's nickname in college was "Sex Machine" (courtesy of his fraternity brother, Steve Adler), Tony decides to get Kate back by blackmailing her with the wet T-shirt photo. Throughout the episode, Tony held that picture over Kate's head, so Kate turned to the one person who could help her with this problem. No, not Gibbs. Abby. Abby used her mad computer skills to Photoshop a picture, making it seem as if Tony were one of two sexy gay cowboys. When Tony e-mailed Kate the wet T-shirt picture with "NCIS Agent of the Month" on it, Kate smiled and returned the photo shopped picture.

Tony: That's not me.

Kate: Well, of course it's not you. Too bad nobody else is gonna know that.

Tony: That's low, Kate.

Kate: I learned from the best, Tony. We both delete at the same time?

Tony: On three.

Kate counts down to three and they both punch a button. Afterward, they are smiling at one another until they hear Gibbs' computer ding twice, signaling the fact that he has received the e-mails. They quickly say their goodbyes and head out for the night, leaving Gibbs alone. Gibbs checks his e-mail and looks at the picture -- first with surprise and then with a smile. We never know which picture he is seeing, but the expression Mark Harmon makes in this scene is very funny.


In this episode of "NCIS," the team is called to an accident where a car has gone over the side and down a steep embankment. Tony and McGee are sent to shoot and sketch, while Ducky and Palmer head down to try to get a look at the body. Tony is telling McGee not to get any closer, because one false move could send him tumbling down the hill when Jimmy Palmer flies past them, trying to keep his balance but failing. Jimmy is dropping his equipment, flailing his arms and yelling at the top of his lungs. Both Tony and McGee watch him pass before Tony yells down, "Good hustle, Palmer." Nothing is funnier than watching someone take a fall -- as long as the person who fell is okay.

Singled Out

Having the tough, former Mossad agent dress up as a "dork," as Ziva called herself while going undercover to a speed dating meeting, was one of the best ideas that the "NCIS" writers came up with. Watching the usually confident Ziva squirm was hilarious.

Larry: Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself.

Ziva: I like computers. And that stuff you do with the yarn.

Larry: Knitting?

Ziva: Yes! That is it.

Larry: Has anyone ever told you that you are very attractive?

Ziva: My brother.

Larry: That's interesting.

Internal Affairs

This was a very serious episode of "NCIS," but it also brought fans some laughs. The FBI has infiltrated NCIS in order to find La Granouille's killer. NCIS fans are led to believe that the FBI is after Jenny Sheppard, who ran the investigation, but they are actually after Tony. Yes, poor Tony is being accused of murder yet again -- by his former lover, Jeanne Benoit, daughter of Rene Benoit (or La Granouille, as he is known to "NCIS" fans). Tony and Abby are the last ones left to be questioned. They are hunting around evidence, trying to find something to eat. Abby finds a clowny cake for Tony and she pulls out some tarot cards. They sit down at the table where Tony is busy opening the clowny cake.

Abby: Tony! We are about to summon the elusive elements of the Cosmos. Concentrate.

Tony: I'm with you. Call the spirits. Tell them to bring pizza.

Fornell appears, and Tony jumps to his feet, but Fornell tells them that he needs to speak to Abby. Tony sits down, dejected, while Abby looks scared. It's up to Tony to calm her down and keep her on track.

Tony: Gibbs gave you a mission. Everybody's counting on you. Just do what you do best.

Abby: Dance?

Tony: Talk.

In the interrogation room, we see Abby finishing up her large Caf-Pow as Fornell waits. When Abby is done, she thanks Fornell for his generosity and then goes off on a tangent about how the FBI had to be on the wrong track. Fornell listens with a pained expression on his face. What "NCIS" fan can hold a smile in when Abby is at her best like this?

Love And War

"NCIS" fans know that some of the best scenes are the ones between Tony and McGee. These two are like two brothers trying to irritate each other, and it is very funny to watch. In this episode, McGee is playing with a Barry Smiles talking bear that was found in the murdered Marine's home. McGee had wanted one of these since he was a child and like most of us, when he got his hands on one -- well, he played. Which meant irritating Tony to no end. That is, until Gibbs snuck up on him.

Barry: McGee, I ever tell you how brilliant you are?

McGee: Oh, Barry.

Barry: I love you, McGee.

McGee realizes Gibbs is behind him and types "Sorry, Boss."

The Inside Man

This episode has one of the best Tony/McGee moments on "NCIS." The local police department is hampering NCIS' investigation by keeping a car they need to check out in the impound yard. McGee has the idea to break into the impound yard so that he can transfer the data from the GPS in it to Abby in order to find out where their victim had been the day he was murdered. This should be a simple in-and-out procedure, but we are talking about Tony and McGee.

McGee was worried about dogs, but Tony kept insisting there were no dogs in the impound yard. However, Tony has fun making McGee jump by playing a recorded version of a dog barking while McGee is underneath the dash getting the data. When real dogs appear, Tony tells McGee to run but he is not convinced. Not until Tony takes off running himself. The entire scene -- with Tony and McGee being chased by large dogs while McGee is yelling for Tony to help him and Tony is quoting dog movies such as "Turner and Hooch" -- was hysterically funny.

Power Down

Gibbs' reaction to the entire "lights out" problem was very funny. While Abby was complaining about her "babies" not being turned off properly and how she should have backup generators, Gibbs stayed calm. When McGee groused about having to do everything by paper instead of computer, complaining about his many paper cuts, Gibbs simply tossed him a box of band-aids. When Ziva attempted to get the old printer to work and jumped back when it made a noise, Gibbs smiled. When Tony complained about having blisters on his feet because they had to walk everywhere, Gibbs ignored him.

Yes, Gibbs was not bothered by having to do stuff the old fashioned way. He carried his own little case filled with everything he and his team would need, including flashlights. He even had tuna, as McGee found out when he jokingly asked if Gibbs had something to eat. The only time Gibbs seemed to get upset, besides the case, of course, was when he was in autopsy with Ducky and Palmer. This made for the funniest scene of the entire episode.

Ducky had been explaining things about the female Marine's death when an agent strolled into autopsy humming. Gibbs watched as the man went to one of the drawers and pulled it open, getting out a sandwich before leaving the room. Ducky explained how he had loaned one of the drawers to the agents since the power was down in the building. Ducky and Gibbs had just started discussing the case again when another agent entered autopsy. He stopped when he was given the Gibbs glare. Ducky simply chuckled, while Palmer barely shook his head no and muttered, "Unnh-unnh" to the agent, who quickly left. Very funny.


What "NCIS" fan could ever forget cute, crazy little Susan Grady -- the polygraph lady who was smitten with McGee and who got caught up in this case? And while watching her chase McGee around was cute, it was the scene with Gibbs that really had "NCIS" fans laughing. When Tony slipped up and let it be known that Gibbs had never taken a polygraph test, Susan gave him one with Fornell and Vance watching. When it came time to attach the sphincter sensor, things got a lot uncomfortable for Susan, who was treated with the Gibbs stare as he asked, "Where you planning on clipping that thing?" It did not help Susan's discomfort when Fornell started laughing in the background, but we "NCIS" fans were joining in.

Moonlighting (Again)

What "NCIS" fan could forget the end of this episode when the team and Susan walked into the bullpen to find a shirtless Jimmy trying to apply lotion to his own itching back. Seems Jimmy and his girlfriend, Brina, had decided to get matching henna tattoos and the henna was irritating. When Jimmy asked for help in applying the lotion, Tony and Ziva ran to their desks and grabbed their packs, trying to make a quick exit. Tony tried to say he was late for a squash game, while Ziva simply said, "I need to get the hell out of here." This did not stop poor Jimmy, who followed them to the elevator, all of them entering as Jimmy begged for help, Tony pointed at Ziva, saying she would do it, and Ziva argued with Jimmy that she would not do it.

These funny scenes are just a few of the many, many funny scenes that "NCIS" has had over the seven years it has been on television. One of the greatest things about "NCIS" is the fact that while it is a very powerful crime drama, it also has it's moments of fun.