French Fries Cause Rift in Relationship for Rob & Chyna

On Rob & Chyna, the reality show couple got into an argument over spilled french fries, and it caused the two to doubt the future of their relationship.

The argument started after Blac Chyna, who was holding on to the couple’s food and her phone, dropped Rob Kardashian’s french fries on the floor of his car. Rob felt that his fiancée took too long to pick up the fries, so he told her, “You gotta choose one — the food or your phone, either or.” Chyna took offense to Rob’s comments and that his suggestion that she was taking too long to pick up the fallen food. The argument escalated to personal attacks, and then Chyna demanded Rob to pull over and let her out of the car.

The two were having other issues beforehand. Chyna was not happy with a business opportunity that Rob was moving forward on, and Rob had been feeling guilty about not getting into shape as quickly as he had promised. As a result of the argument, Rob had deleted his social network accounts and blocked Chyna, as well as his sisters and mother, from his phone.

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