Fran Drescher dons replica of her '78 wedding gown on 'Happily Divorced' [Exclusive photo]

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Fran Drescher Wedding "Happily Divorced"

Fran Drescher is getting married! Actually, make that Fran Lovett, Drescher's character on her sitcom "Happily Divorced." But getting these two confused is not surprising; the TVLand original series is significantly based on Drescher's real life.

In the upcoming flashback wedding episode, "I Object," Lovett is donning a wedding gown that's a near-perfect replica of the wedding dress Drescher tied the knot in when marrying Peter Marc Jacobson (co-creator of "Happily Divorced") in 1978! It'd be hard to tell the difference if it weren't for the picture quality. (Also, Drescher is glowing, even 35 years later!) The long lace sleeves, lace collar, and gorgeous lace headscarf are as stunning now as they were in the '70s.

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And the similarities don't end there. Drescher was married to Jacobson until 1999. When he came out as gay, their relationship stayed strong, and Drescher became a champion for gay rights.

The series' plot mimics this real-life storyline, with Fran and Peter Lovett navigating the obstacles of being divorced after Peter comes out as gay after 18 years of marriage.

We already know that they won't live happily ever after in the traditional sense, but being "Happily Divorced" works out great for these two. Mazel tov!

To watch the "Happily Divorced" wedding day festivities, tune in to "I Object" on Wednesday, 1/23 at 10:30 PM on TVLand.