Fox News’ ‘The Five’ Praise CNN’s Don Lemon – Apocalypse Now? (Video)

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Fox News’ ‘The Five’ Praise CNN’s Don Lemon – Apocalypse Now? (Video)

CNN’s Don Lemon made Fox News proud on Thursday when he asked DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz about the “difference” between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie not knowing his top aides shut down a highway, and President Barack Obama claiming not to know about issues surrounding the NSA and Obamacare.

“Don Lemon last night asked a very, very good question,” Eric Bolling said before playing the clip (above) from CNN’s “OutFront.”

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All of “The Five” co-hosts agreed, while Kimberly Guilfoyle seemed relieved that another journalist finally took some of the “heavy lifting” off of their back.

“I thought it was great questioning. I thought I was watching Fox News for a second there, and then I rubbed my eyes,” Guilfoyle said. “Ask the pointed questions, be a journalist, do your job. We gotta do all the heavy lifting.”

When Wasserman-Schultz, a Florida Congresswoman, answered Lemon’s question, she said the difference is that the issues Obama claimed to be unaware of were policy issues, while Christie is denying a scandal.

“A scandal that leads right to his office,”  Wasserman-Schultz said. “In which his staff — and possibly him — exacted political retribution and retaliation for a Democratic mayor in Fort Lee [NJ] refusing to endorse him in his reelection.”

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