Fox News Channel Scores Most-Watched Month in 4 Years

Tony Maglio
The Wrap
Fox News Channel Scores Most-Watched Month in 4 Years

November was a great month for Republicans — it was equally successful for the rightest-leaning cable news channel.

Today, Fox News is buttoning up its top month in four years — since the last election — in terms of primetime total viewers. November 2016 is FNC’s second-highest-rated month as far as total day tune-in goes.

It’s now 179 months straight that Fox News Channel can claim cable news’ top spot when ranking respective overall audiences. The net has even been No. 1 across all of basic cable for 14 straight weeks, and for sixth months of the year thus far.

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Sister cable channel Fox Business Network has something to celebrate as well.

Those guys just delivered their highest-rated month ever in total viewership for both business day and total day. Per Nielsen, FBN topped key competition CNBC in business day viewers and total day viewers for the first time ever.

Of course, these election-goosed results aren’t just limited to the conservative side of cable news. CNN and MSNBC have actually each experienced higher percentage growth than FNC in several measurements. That said, those two had a lower starting point to begin with, making rises more meteoric.

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Here is how November looks in terms of total day averages for those cable news nets:
FNC: 1.966 million total viewers = +61% (466,000 in the key 25-54 news demographic = +106%)
CNN: 995,000 viewers = +76% (346,000 in demo = +102%)
MSNBC: 736,000 viewers = +84% (195,000 in demo = +105%)

And the all-important primetime:
FNC: 3.283 million total viewers = +71% (778,000 in demo = +121%)
CNN: 1.529 million viewers = +132% (608,000 in demo = +163%)
MSNBC: 1.335 million viewers = +104% (358,000 in demo = +137%)

All comparisons are to November 2015.

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