Five Things You Don't Know About Heidi Klum

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Five Things You Don't Know About Heidi Klum

Celebrating her 39th birthday today, this gorgeous supermodel rose to an American TV star by serving as a host/judge on Bravo's fashion reality show Project Runway. Here are five things you may not know about Heidi Klum -- fashion icon, entrepreneur and mother of four.

1. She's very artistic and in 2002, dedicated a sculpture she painted called "Dog with Butterflies" to commemorate the role of rescue dogs in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks.

2. Appeared in Jamiroquai's music video Love Foolosophy.

3. When she travels, she carries her baby teeth in a small pouch as good luck charms.

4. After beginning her modeling career in America, she jokingly referred to her breasts "Hans and Franz."

5.  Featured in the 2006 James Bond video game Everything or Nothing, playing the part of villain Dr. Katya Nadanova.

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