Five Popular "Jersey Shore" "Pauly D-isms"

Ayanna Guyhto
Yahoo! Contributor Network
"Jersey Shore's" Pauly D has become a breakout star.

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Rumor has it that Pauly D has been offered his own MTV spin-off reality show. The show will supposedly revolve around Pauly's superb DJ-ing skills, amongst other things. It is no secret that this "Jersey Shore" cast member is one of America's favorites. The infamous blowout, that tan, those pecs — what's not to love? The cast members of MTV's hit reality show are a spicy bunch. But if you've been paying attention, then you've noticed that Pauly often stands out a bit more than the others. Pauly D and his infamous string of Guido euphemisms have shaped him into a force to be reckoned with. And if you still aren't a believer, check out these five quirky phrases that are destined to show up on bumper stickers across the country.

"Oh Yeahhhh!"

It's a simple phrase - not even a whole sentence. But somehow Pauly D has managed to make two little words part of the "Jersey shore" craze. Part Kool-Aid Man/part Greasy Old Geezer, this phrase doesn't have the same effect without Pauly's nasally exaggeration.

"It's T-Shirt Tiiiiiime!!!"

You do not want to miss T-shirt time - at least according to Pauly D. After a day of Gym/Tanning/Laundry (also known as GTL), the "Jersey Shore" guys have a little thing they like to refer to as "T-shirt time." It isn't quite clear exactly who established this little pre-nightclub ritual. But Pauly's spirited declaration of "T-shirt time" has become something of a national anthem.

Pauly's Songs ("I rock my big blowout...")

And speaking of anthems, Pauly has quite the knack for turning any situation (no pun intended) into an infectious little tune. The lyrics may change according to the circumstances, but the melody always remains the same. Is a potential recording contract in the works?

"Mad Hooorrd!"

You've got to pay close attention in order to pick up on this particular catchphrase. Pauly has a tendency to play with accents. (Be sure to check out his Canadian impersonations.) In one episode, after a long rough day at the gelato shop, Pauly admits that he worked "mad hoorrd" (mad hard) - a funny slogan that Pauly's girl Rocio playfully recites. If you haven't worked "mad hoorrd" then you're not getting it in.

"Caaabs are heaaah!"

Who needs a doorbell when you've got a super-tanned, muscular Guido to announce the arrival of Miami's taxi service? But you've got to say it right or else it doesn't count: Take a deep breath, relax those vowels, and belt it out. "Caaabs are heaaah!" is perhaps one of the biggest catchphrases of Season 2 - all thanks to Pauly D, the Blowout King.