Fit Mom Proves Why You Should Throw Out Your Scale After She Gains Almost 20 Pounds


The number you see on the scale should be one of the most unimportant factors of your life.

Saying that, I do not mean to diminish anyone's successful and hard-earned weight loss. But feeling good should be enough of a success for you, not the number confirmation!

On Rachael Ray, the host brought on Dr. Ian Smith to explain why people really need to throw away their scales.

I'm sure you've heard this before, but muscle weighs more than fat. But what does that actually mean when you're buying clothes?

Dr. Smith explains it this way: Two can people weigh the same amount, but someone who has 40 pounds of fat and 20 pounds of muscle will look very different from someone with 20 pounds of fat but 40 pounds of muscle.

To really nail this point home, social media fitness guru Kelsey Wells is brought on the show. Recently, a photo of Kelsey went viral. In the photo, there are three panels with Kelsey at three different weights.

The audience and hosts all agree that Kelsey looks best in the final photo, but she actually weighs almost 20 pounds more in that photo than she does in the middle.

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