First Look at the Anna Nicole Smith Biopic: How Close Is the Resemblance? [Photo]

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"Anna Nicole" - Martin Landau ("J. Howard Marshall") and Agnes Brucker ("Anna Nicole Smith")
Martin Landau ("J. Howard Marshall") and Agnes Brucker ("Anna Nicole Smith") star in the all-new Lifetime Original Movie, "Anna Nicole," premiering Saturday, June 29, at 8pm ET/PT on Lifetime.

Anna Nicole Smith was one of a kind, so how did actress Agnes Bruckner prepare to play the late Playboy model in an upcoming Lifetime biopic?

For her role in "Anna Nicole," Bruckner had to undergo a complete transformation — dying her hair platinum blond, wearing prosthetic breasts, piling on makeup, and donning a fat suit.

"The breasts took three hours to apply," she tells TV Guide. "It was unbelievable how they turned out. I could dance in them, and they even survived a swim in the pool."

It seems to have worked — the actress eerily resembles the aspiring starlet, who overdosed on prescription drugs in 2007. Co-star Martin Landau, who plays Smith's billionaire husband, J. Howard Marshall, was convinced. "The first time I showed up on set, he looked at me with awe in the same way J. Howard probably looked at Anna," Bruckner said of Landau's reaction.

The Marilyn Monroe-esque story traces the life of Vicky Lynn Hogan, a small-town Texas girl who became a voluptuous pinup model and tabloid sensation for her marriage to a wealthy octogenarian oil tycoon. Determined to become a star, Smith changes her name and her looks, and ends up paying the ultimate price for fame and fortune.

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Aside from the Oscar-winning Landau as Marshall, the movie will also focus on Smith's relationships with the other men in her life. Graham Patrick Martin plays her son, Danny, who died from an accidental overdose just months before his mother's death. Adam Goldberg is her lawyer and companion Howard K. Stern, and Cary Elwes, playing E. Pierce Marshall (J. Howard's son), will feud with Smith over inheritances.

"Anna Nicole" will air Saturday, 6/29 on Lifetime.