Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: Get a First Look at Cable's Sexy New 'Bonnie & Clyde'

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo! TV
"Bonnie & Clyde"
The Lifetime Original Movie "Bonnie & Clyde" stars Emile Hirsch and Holliday Grainger as the legendary 1930s couple whose crime sprees enraptured the American public.

Make sure your valuables are safely locked away: History, A&E, and Lifetime are joining forces to bring the classic tale of bank-robbing lovebirds Bonnie & Clyde to the small screen in a brand-new miniseries, debuting later this year.

The iconic young outlaws will be played by Emile Hirsch ("Into the Wild") and Holliday Grainger (Lucrezia on "The Borgias"), and they've already got the sexy-yet-dangerous vibe down pat, as you can see in these first-look photos released today. The three cable nets will simulcast the four-hour miniseries over two nights, hoping to replicate the recent success History has had with mega-hit miniseries like "Hatfields & McCoys" and "The Bible."

Set in Depression-era Middle America, "Bonnie & Clyde" follows lovers Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow as they set out on a crime spree of petty thefts and bank robberies that sparks a media frenzy and makes them household names. The 1930s period detail looks to be spot-on, and the supporting cast is filled with A-list names, including Oscar winner Holly Hunter as Bonnie's mother and William Hurt as the Texas Ranger tasked with bringing the notorious duo to justice.

The Bonnie and Clyde story inspired a great film in the 1967 Warren Beatty-Faye Dunaway version, and Hirsch feels like a perfect fit as slick con artist Clyde, so we're already looking forward to hopping in the backseat of the pair's getaway car and going along for the ride.