Fight Breaks Out on ‘Big Brother’

Jeremy Belanger

On Wednesday’s Big Brother, the final three contestants were announced, but they were overshadowed by a fight between the members of the Jury House. While James, Paul, and Nicole celebrated their achievement, Paulie and DaVonne had a shouting match.

As the newcomer to the Jury House, Natalie explained that she would have saved James if she had the chance. Michelle and DaVonne used the opportunity to deliver a dig at Paulie, bringing up his failure to pull his ally and showmance Zakiyah off the block.

He quickly antagonized Michelle and DaVonne, calling them “two passive-aggressive girls.” Things escalated quickly as Paulie egged on DaVonne. Soon a crew member had to get in between the two to make sure neither of them would hurt each other. DaVonne left the room shouting.

She was later seen wearing a necklace that had the word Strength on it. She said she regretted losing her cool.

More fireworks are to be expected when the Jury House weighs in on the final contestants.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays on CBS.

Watch the Big Brother surprise eviction:

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